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Gregory Cleary

Leadership Team Coach

Gregory is committed to helping each and every one of his client grow! His business is 100% referral only. He has discovered that by being invested in his client’s success, he becomes a trusted advisor and part of the leadership team and achieves better results. He runs at full capacity and whenever he has an opening for a new client his current clients rush in and fill the spot.

Gregory Cleary is considered by his clients as a masterful teacher and coach for leadership teams because of his experience. Greg conducts on average of 170 full-day sessions each year. (When you spend that much time with leadership teams you figure out quickly what’s working and what’s not working to help them grow.)

Gregory has been helping companies gain traction for over 25 years as a sales & business coach. His reputation for results is his calling card.  Gregory brings a wealth of real-world experience to every client and every session. He is out working with clients on a daily basis, sharing his success and helping to transform their companies from good to great!

For more information, visit his LinkedIn profile, or contact or 952.445.8604


“The marketplace only rewards those who effectively execute and implement well planned strategy.” 
I will help you get the strategy & plan on two sheets of paper.


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“Your company is just one leadership team away from extinction or greatness!”

“The system is perfectly designed to give you the results your getting.
If you want better results you need a better system”

“The roads of the world are paved with Squirrels that couldn’t decide”

” The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today!”

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