What Gino Wickman, Author of Traction & Creator of EOS says:

“Greg Cleary is a Rockstar and class act! He is one of the original Certified EOS Implementers. He is as committed as any of our EOS Implementers on the planet to do amazing work for his clients. You are in good hands with Greg.”

Gino Wickman, Author of Traction & Creator of EOS

Why choose to work with Gregory Cleary


Because I give you the strategies, tactics and guided implementation you need to generate results.

I over deliver like crazy (read the testimonials or call my clients) because once you’re “in” with me, I have nothing more to sell you; and we can get to work!



If you ask anyone I’ve worked with, 90 percent of them will tell you that working with me was some of the smartest money they ever spent.

Because you can’t surprise me. After three decades, 6,000 presentations, and now 8 years as a full time implementer spending every single day with a Entrepreneur and their leadership. I’ve seen every challenge you have 50+ times. I know what works. No theory.



Because someone you know and respect recommended we chat.

Gregory Cleary, Certified EOS® Implementer

Gregory is as committed to mastering his craft as any EOS implementer on the planet. His business is 100% referral only. He runs at full capacity and whenever he has an opening for a new client his current clients rush in and fill the spot with a peer from their Vistage group or an owner from their circle of friends.

Gregory Cleary is considered by most of his clients as having mastered EOS, not only because of his experience (he was the second Certified Implementers in the Twin Cities & one of the first 10 Certified EOS Implementers.  He also conducted over 170 EOS sessions last year) but also because of his shameless, no-holds-barred, all-consuming obsession with EOS. More specifically, he’s obsessed with helping companies achieve their goals. And his obsession has paid off, with innumerable success stories in his portfolio.

Gregory has been helping companies gain traction for over 25 years as a sales coach, collaborating with hundreds of companies and personally conducting over 6,000 sales calls. Gregory brings a wealth of real-world experience to every client and every session. He is out working with clients on a daily basis, sharing his success and helping to transform their companies from good to great!

He has worked with leadership teams across nearly every conceivable industry vertical. At this exact moment, odds are he is with a client implementing EOS. Or talking about EOS. Or reading about EOS. Or thinking about EOS. Or learning about EOS.
For more information, visit his LinkedIn profile, or contact Greg@LTeamCoach.com or 952.445.8604

Establishing Control. Creating Value.

The Entrepreneurial Operating System® is a holistic business system that facilitates business growth and scale up.

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” The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today!”

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